The Star-Hawk Solutions Team

Star-Hawk Solutions, LLC, a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), was originally founded in 1946 as Star-Hawk Manufacturing Company. Successfully led by the founder's granddaughter, the company has grown with and thrived on, many developing technological advancements. Our core businesses include document conversion, and business solutions.

The Star-Hawk philosophy is based on a simple, proven way of thinking. We believe that if you do the right thing, listen to the customer, work with them to reach a solution, and then exceed the customer’s expectations, you will have success. That methodology has proven true many times over, resulting in positive growth in Star-Hawk.


Every Star-Hawk team member is dedicated to the success of every assignment. Details matter. Our team is highly respected by our customers and each other. Trust matters. Each employee was selected for their talents and the
professional skill sets they bring to each project. Expertise matters. We are a diverse group that is constantly embracing new ways to meet our clients' goals. Innovation matters. Much of this is accomplished by our open
communication policy in the Star-Hawk team and extends to our customer. Inclusiveness matters. We enjoy our work and welcome each project with enthusiasm. Excellence matters.

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