Star-Hawk Solutions' Digital Archiving service is the next level beyond our document conversion process. Some companies just need their records scanned and saved to disc or a hard drive, and may not access them unless there is an emergency. We offer premium document conversion services at reasonable prices and customize your needs with a solution that may consist of one service, or a bundled package of several services. Many companies have cabinets, boxes or even rooms of papers that are too valuable to discard, but the space they take up is too valuable to waste storing papers. Star-Hawk Solutions will work with you to prioritize your documents, decide on the security level and retention time, as well as what you want to do with the files when you have them digitized. We offer a full-service, turnkey solution from simple scanning processes to building a database or web-based portal. After your documents are scanned and saved as electronic files, if you want to incorporate them into a format that can be used on a regular basis, we can develop a system for you that allows you to search for specific files or keywords.

One option is to develop a database that houses all your files, and has them separated into categories that you use most. For example, a construction firm may need a database where the files are put in categories named by neighborhood names or by the style of home they constructed. This database is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and simple to understand. 

Star-Hawk Solutions can also develop a matrix with hyperlinked files that can be searched using Adobe keywords. Just another user-friendly way to quickly search for the critical data you need.

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